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Costs of Facebook and weblog activities in Islamic Republic of Iran

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Arash Sametipour: The tragic and shocking death of Iranian blogger and Facebook activist,Sattar Beheshty has been at the center of attention to Iran`s most recent violation of human rights in the recent weeks.
Mr Beheshty was a 35 year old who through his weblog and Facebook criticised the government. Living in suborbs of Tehran; he was arrested by Iranian Cyber Police and it was revealed by sources in his family that he died in custody. 
Iranian Cyber Police
FATA is the abbriviation of Iranian Cyber Police which is said to be responsible over the death of Mr Beheshty. The newly formed branch of Iran`s police is considered responsible for fighting internet frauds and individual right`s violations as well as dealing with unwanted and anti-regime activities in Iran. Despite its original goals and designated targets, it seems that Fata is engaged and busy in monitoring and observing activities in Facebook and other social networks in order to i…