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Poster Presentation, Fog Screen

This article is originally a short research paper for my graduate school. Pormissed a friend to publish it and here it is:

“Contemporary theatre practice distributes the stage into an open, smooth space, as the stage nests within urban space or global space, curls up in the realm of the senses, cuts across the grid of capital, or captures the territory of play.” Nomadic Theatre (Groot Nibbelink, 2015)

A new method of advertisement in “Hoog Catharijne” is to use fog screen and a video projection. This innovative method to address the audience can also be used as an instrument to demonstrate contemporary art. In fact it can serve as a playful media in the notion of smart city. Concept of smart city, new media, digital culture and mobile locative media are subjects of academic discussions. In regards to the mentioned notions, this paper aims to answer how this particular stage manages the attention of s…