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Iranian City Council member to resign due to a Facebook photo

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A female member of Iranian city council is being forced to resign due to posting an unveiled

picture of herself in her private Facebook page.

According to Jaras, a dissident Iranian website, Mrs. Mehrnoush Najafi, a member of city

council in Hamedan (west of Iran) is under pressure to resign as a matter of uploading a private

picture of herself in which she was not wearing Hijab and her hair was not covered.

Mrs. Najafi who is a reformist lawyer and webloger wrote earlier in her weblog “ I had put a

photo of myself on Facebook in which my hair was not covered. It was not put in a public

section but was meant to be private only open to my family…then some people got access to

my photo and I was told to silently resign., but I have not done anything wrong and I rejected to

do so. Now they are trying to fire me”.

Meanwhile websites of hardliners in Iran published a…