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.سپاسگزارم از همهٔ دوستان خوبی که نوروز و زادروزم را تبریک گفتند. برقرار باشید

آرش صامتی پور

Happy Persian New year

Happy Nourooz to everyone.

Iranian journalists being arrested.

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 In late January and early February, Iranian Security officers raided the offices of reformist publications Bahar, Shargh, Arman, Etemad, and Aseman Weekly and arrested about 20 journalists who were working inside Iran. The wave of new arrests targets mainly young journalists who are affiliated with the very few remaining reformist papers.

The semi official Fars news Agency which is close to Iranian ideological armed forces IRGC, wrote on 28 January, “It is said that those detained had connections and had been working with Persian-language counterrevolutionary media outlets and Persian media abroad.”

It is also mentioned that the detainees are close to “the plotters," a term that Iranian regime uses to describe its opponents.

The detained journalists were very soon accused of working for BBC network. Tehran Times, a Tehran based English news paper which is considered an official governmental newspaper wrote, “The Intelligence Ministry issued a …