Friday, June 1, 2012

Zoroastrian religion in short

By Mobed Kamran Jamshidi

1. It is an on-going quest for truth and right, with the ultimate weapon, a friendly,
inquiring mind -- figure out what is true and right, and think it, speak it and do it -- keep
discovering truth in ourselves and our world.
2. It sees the material and the spiritual as both good -- showing us that the material world
is the beautiful medium through which we express and bring to life, spiritual truths -- thus
achieving the purpose of live -- to evolve ourselves into perfection, completeness, and in
the process, perfect or renovate our world -- we cannot do one without the other.
3. It teaches us to worship God with his own divine attributes in the every day events of
our lives -- turning mundane, "unimportant" acts into acts of worship, if performed with
friendship, truth, love, integrity, reason, understanding -- and have fun while we are at it --
enjoy the experience -- a religion of joy!
4. It teaches us that we are all a part of the same whole -- so unless everyone makes it, no
one makes it (including "God") -- so we have to be good to ourselves, good to each "other"
good to our environment, and so good to God -- both giving and receiving help from God
and each other, in order to make it.
5. It teaches that there is no "hell" other than what we ourselves create, that the way to
defeat evil is to stop bringing it to life in thought, word and action -- transforming
ourselves from an admixture of light and dark, to pure light, through our choices and
experiences, bit by bit, until we have attained completely, God's divine attributes -- which
is "heaven" -- a state of being one with the divine -- the "Endless Lights."

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