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About me

I hold an MA in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands and a BSc in Persian-English Translations from the University of Payamnour, Tehran, Iran. 
My MA thesis concerns the role of Social Media in general and Facebook in particular in education and integration of refugees in the Netherlands. 
The title of my thesis is "Ethnographic Study of Facebook Usage among the Persian and Arabic Speaking Refugees and Asylum seekers in Asylum Center in Utrecht" 
I have served on the website and social media editorial boards and am a frequent contributor to several journals. Currently, I am holding the position of Editor in Chief at which is a multi-language website focusing on Iranian Tourist attractions. 
My research areas include (but not limited to) Social Movements, Fandom, Transmedia, Pedagogy, Social Capital and Ethnic Media. 
My most current research focuses on “The Iranian Zoroastrians Representation in New Media”. 

Main work experiences:

- Student counselor
Teacher of Persian language
- Online Marketing researcher

Other experiences:

User behavior analyst, Online Marketing, Online research. Affiliate marketing. 

Other articles
- Falling Skies and the Limits of Defining Transmedia Storytelling
- Happy in Iran, transmedia participatory politics, an enemy of state